Over the years I have published some 16 books. Many have had foreign editions including translations into German, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese and even Chinese. Most are out of print now although copies can be purchased through Amazon and Ebay. To buy one of my books on Amazon please click here

My latest book 'Capturing Motion' was published in October 2020 and is the story about my journey to capture the hitherto invisible rapid activities of animals, ones that until the early 1970's, had remained hidden to the human eye or recorded by conventional photography.

The main feature of the book are the 100 or so plates of all manner of creatures from insects, birds, reptiles and even fish. The story and images are in chronological order and historically follow the evolution of the relevant photographic equipment and my maturing abilities from the early 1970's to the present day. The images are accompanied by extended notes that technically follow that of the 9000 word introduction. There is also a generous splattering of anecdotal content relevant to my attempts at the photography and a few comments about our rapidly vanishing natural world.

"The art and technique of his life's work are superbly demonstrated in the extraordinarily beautiful images contained in this book" Elizabeth MacAndrew


'My previous book MY WOOD was published in September 2017. It is about the wildlife and plants in a small woodland I purchased in 1998. By careful management and the erection of a high fence to protect it from the massive destruction caused by fallow deer, nature has returned to a level the wood has not seen for many years.