"Dalton's self-imposed challenge was to do what had never been done before - photograph free-flying insects, up close, in colour, with maximum sharpness and detail. His achievement is a landmark event in the annals of nature photography." Popular Photography, USA

"Stephens Dalton's photography has made his name legendary among nature lovers and photographers the world over. By freezing motion with his camera he has unlocked the mysteries of animal movement and this has had a stunning impact in the way we see nature." Amateur Photographer, UK

"Your majestic photography has contributed significantly to the awareness of the beauty and purpose in the world which we so frequently take for granted" Leaders Magazine, N.Y.

"There has never been photography like this before, nor would one have imagined that there ever could be." The Sunday Telegraph, UK

Stephen Dalton's images are much more than mere documentation; his work of fascinating intensity and striking beauty has set visual and artistic standards that are still valid today. GDT October 2015